Jan 18, 2016

I am moving much easier and no muscle spasms all day until evening when I was tired. Massage was very helpful! -Debra A

I feel great! As always Shannon was awesome. Thank you so much!! -Christy

April 1, 2016

I am writing to share my positive experience of improved mobility through massages given by Shannon Saunders, LMT. I first discovered her talents during the winter months of 2015. I received a gift of ten massages at Discover Massage Specialists. Those ten massages brought me the long sought relief to pain I had suffered for years.

Shannon is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She also teaches massage at Baker College. She is continually seeking new knowledge in her field. Her dedication shows in the results of her work. Her demeanor is positive and helpful. Her concern for me as a patient has played a role in my recovery.

My first visit to Shannon brought a change to my suffering. She recognized muscle issues and stressed areas previous massage therapists had missed. I was unable to lie flat on the table due to the pain I was experiencing. Shannon worked methodically on my troubled areas. Slow and steady the worked progressed. Each visit brought improved relief. I felt she could read the layers of issues build up in my muscles and tendons and work through each layer to resolve the built up issues that were preventing me from walking and living in comfort.

My issues stem from a foot surgery that had complications. My gate altered to accommodate the foot pain. I had been suffering and making new pains in my body from the altered stance.

I highly recommend Shannon as a massage therapist for the relief she has brought to me through massage and recommended exercises. She has a mastery of understanding and technique in the field of massage.

Melissa Walton