Traverse City Massage: Is Massage Safe

Massage therapy is all natural (providing all natural products are used), non-invasive and drug free. In the majority of cases it is an excellent way to help unleash your body’s own natural healing properties. This may help you to overcome pain, depression and other ailments better than you would have been able to otherwise. The potential negative side effects that you may experience with traditional medications are eliminated as well. For example people suffering from arthritis and pregnant women can safely reap the benefits of a massage from a certified massage therapist.

There are a few situations where someone should postpone receiving a massage because of health related issues. If you are one of the following health complications, speak with a health professional before receiving a massage.

– A fever: When you have a fever the body is trying to rid invading forces that are making you sick, and a massage works to increase circulation throughout your body. This could interfere with the body trying to expel the invaders and work against the natural defenses trying to make you better.

– Sever High blood pressure: As a massage works on the blood vessels, and high blood pressure means having excessive pressure against the wall of the of the vessels, in some cases a massage could affect this pressure.

– Sever Osteoporosis: Massage can only injure someone with osteoporosis because their bones are already porous and fragile. Mending bones need to be left alone; although, a massage around the area but not on it can help with circulation.

– Some Types of Cancer: Massage can have an increased possibility in helping to spread the disease. This is because cancer can spread through the lymphatic system and massages are known to increase circulation in the lymphatic system. In a healthy individual this is a good thing, but could be counterproductive if you are fighting cancer.

In the vast majority of cases, a massage preformed by a certified massage therapist is a perfectly safe form of treatment. If you have concerns regarding how a massage would affect you check with your doctor prior to receiving treatment.