Massage Can Help Edema

If edema is causing you discomfort turn to DISCOVER massage Traverse City Michigan for a natural remedy.

It is important that you consult your primary healthcare provider before seeking treatment for edema from a certified massage specialist. Edema, which is swelling caused by fluid trapped in body tissue, can be caused in different ways.

Sometimes pregnant women experience a temporary edema while otherwise healthy people sometimes have swelling of the legs if they are sitting or standing for exceptionally long periods. Consulting your healthcare provider is advisable because edema can be the result of disease or an underlying condition of the heart, liver or kidneys that will not benefit from massage therapy.

Often massage therapy alone can alleviate temporary edema while for more serious forms doctors might prescribe diuretics and other treatment plans. Lymphedema and pedal edema both typically respond very well to therapeutic massage.

When you book a DISCOVER Massage in Traverse City Michigan be sure to let the certified massage specialist know as much information about the symptoms of your edema and its onset as you can.

The massage therapist will use gentle pressure and massage strokes, concentrating on the areas where excess fluids are causing swelling to occur. This focused, gentle massage will actually stimulate your body’s lymphatic system. Activating the lymph nodes should encourage natural drainage of excess fluids, relieving the swelling and building immunity.

Temporary edema conditions generally respond well to massage therapy but sometimes require more than one appointment to be fully restorative. The gentle massage used for manual lymphatic drainage to treat edema is relaxing, not painful.

The special massage technique for treating edema naturally through massage was introduced first by a Danish massage specialist and then improved in France. Following the natural flow of the body’s lymph system, the technique employs gentle and rhythmic strokes nearest to the heart before those further away.

Post-massage compression stockings or tensor bandages wrapped lightly around the area of the edema might be helpful in preventing more fluid from swelling the tissue. Changing your diet to eliminate refined sugars and heavily processed foods and exercising can help as well.

Check with your doctor to see if your edema is the type that can be helped by massage Traverse City Michigan. If it is, the certified and accredited massage professionals at DISCOVER Massage Traverse City MI have their own line of therapeutic grade essential oils to use as they help you get relief from painful swelling and discomfort.