Massage Therapy Helps Whiplash

DISCOVER Massage Traverse City Helps with Whiplash Recovery

A neck brace isn’t the only treatment option for whiplash: DISCOVER Massage therapy Traverse City MI offers pain relief and promotes healing.

Whiplash an injury commonly sustained in automobile accidents, but can result from any situation where there is a sudden impact that causes the neck to over-extend. Sometimes a collision on the sports field or a particularly harsh jolt on an amusement park ride can cause whiplash.

Interestingly, researchers using high-speed cameras and crash-test dummies attribute the pain from whiplash to the lower neck bones hyperextending and the upper neck bones hyperflexing. Just as the name suggests, it is a movement similar to the way a whip curves when lashed.

The resulting damage to muscles and soft tissue causes stiffness as well as pain in the shoulders and back as well as the neck. It is common for people suffering from whiplash to experience headache, dizziness and jaw pain among other symptoms.

DISCOVER Massage therapy Traverse City MI offers immediate and long-term relief from the symptoms of whiplash. After any accident or injury it is best to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before booking massage. For whiplash it is essential a doctor rules out more serious injury and deems massage is safe.

Tell the certified massage specialist what caused the whiplash, how long you have been injured and where you are feeling discomfort.

An accredited massage practitioner will carefully work on the affected muscles to restore the balance among muscle groups and release tension caused by strain. Not only does massage therapy offer immediate pain relief, it promotes healing by improving circulation of oxygen and nutrients while preventing scar tissue. Working on affected muscles and ligaments will improve the range of motion.

If the whiplash is the result of a trauma, massage will also help deal with the mental stress and tension. Therapeutic touch releases the “feel-good” hormones that promote a sense of well-being and naturally lift the mood.

Medically cleared and ready for massage therapy Traverse City MI treatment for whiplash? Contact DISCOVER Massage Traverse City Specialists to book massage with certified and accredited massage specialists.