Massage Traverse City – Benefits of Sports Massage

Massage Traverse City

Sports massage therapists offer a wealth of benefits to athletes during training, before and after competition and post-injury. Professional athletes of all kinds have used sports massage to help their performance physically, mentally and emotionally. The USA Swimming team has a massage therapist from Indiana who volunteers to travel with them, providing his services to the competitive swimmers in return for travel expenses and team clothing. Amateur athletes also benefit from massage, Traverse City residents visit DISCOVER Massage therapists to help prepare for sporting events and recover from them afterward.

Hockey players, baseball players, cyclists, runners and countless other competitive athletes use sports massage as part of their fitness routine and medical care during training. Sports massage is available in Traverse City through the knowledgeable certified and licensed massage specialists at DISCOVER Massage, Traverse City MI.

Why Traverse City Athletes Rely on Sports Massage

Regular massage therapy helps athletes in a few ways. Sports massage targets the connective tissues used by each individual athlete during training and competition. It is intended to ensure athletes are able to train hard and decrease the risk of injury during rigorous training – for Olympic and less advanced athletes alike.

If muscles are free from injury or healed from any strains then the athlete should perform optimally. When there is an injury, sports massage can be used to target the affected area to promote healing.

Seeing one of our highly trained massage therapists can keep anyone who is active or involved in sports or dance in top shape. Every sports massage is tailored to personal need so it improves sore joints, muscle ache and tightness in the ligaments or other connective tissues.

Ways DISCOVER Massage Traverse City, Sports Massage Helps

Pre-game or competitive event – Relax tight muscles to improve flexibility, which will serve to prevent or treat injury and improve performance. Psychologically massage also reduces anxiety and improves focus.

After a workout, game or competition –  Massage after physical activity helps alleviate muscle tension and soreness, reducing pain and discomfort the next day. Increased blood flow boosts healing and gives a feeling of relaxation and wellness. Additionally, massage is invigorating and will leave you feeling less fatigued.

Off-Season – Recover more quickly from any injuries sustained while promoting optimal health for the muscles and all the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, joints). Regular sports massage promotes rotational strength and flexibility, which could also reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

Taking good care of your most valuable asset as an athlete – your body – could extend your sports career and improve your enjoyment of your chosen sport.

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