Massage Traverse City: Massage Relieves Depression

A Massage, in Traverse City Relieves Depression

Life can be overwhelming at times for anyone.  For people who continually struggle with anxiety or depression these feeling can even become unmanageable. Fortunately we know there are things that help to relieve stress, bust the blues and even cope with more serious anxiety and depression.  From exercise, meditation and companionship to medication and professional therapy there are a variety of treatments available but perhaps none as fun and rewarding and a professional massage at Traverse City’s DISCOVER massage.

Depression is not the same as being in a bad mood and it is not a sign of personal weakness. It is a medical condition that has many symptoms and it is actually considered to be one of the main reasons for disability internationally. Women are reported to suffer more often from depression than men (but might be more willing to seek help, so they counted statistically and men do not). It does seem to run in families and is diagnosed in many who suffer from chronic illness.

Anxiety can be debilitating for people and can range from panic attacks to phobias. There are hundreds of symptoms and people with anxiety may experience different combinations of symptoms and varying degrees of frequency and intensity.

How can a Traverse City massage help?

Eastern medicine has considered massage therapy beneficial for muscle aches and pains as well as emotional feelings for thousands of years. Chinese massage therapists believe that physical touch makes people feel connected, plus releases hormones that improve moods. It can also offer relief for digestive issues.

Research into massage therapy today shows a definite link between therapeutic touch and lowering blood pressure, relaxation, better sleep and managing stress. A number of studies have been conducted in North America, Europe and the Middle East on a variety of subjects. A common theme is that subjects report feeling fewer symptoms of depression, less angry and more energized.

The University of Miami’s School of Medicine has conducted many studies of massage through its Touch Research Institute. They feel there is actually a change in the biochemistry of people who have depression and anxiety when they have massage treatments. The researchers measured the stress hormone Cortisol in men, women and children before and after having massage therapy. They concluded that therapeutic touch lowered the levels of cortisol by more than 50%. Additionally, the research showed an increase in the body’s production of serotonin and dopamine, both of which serve to reduce depression and improve mood.

DISCOVER Massage is Traverse City specializes in therapeutic massage to relieve pain, stress and anxiety in the body.  A Traverse City massage from a highly trained DISCOVER Massage therapist implements techniques acquired from all over the world and is performed using only all natural products

Holistic approach to recovery

Many people who suffer from depression or anxiety report they are very tired, have trouble sleeping well at night and suffer from muscle discomfort.

Booking a Traverse City massage will not cure depression or anxiety, but it will provide relief from some symptoms and naturally stimulate the production of “feel-good” hormones in the body naturally. Usually as soon as people lie on the massage table they feel calmer and more relaxed, so people benefit from feeling better in the moment as well.  Patients that receive regular massage also report more long term benefits.

When you meet with a certified and accredited Traverse City massage specialist at DISCOVER Massage, you can share your concerns about your wellbeing so they can target areas that will offer relief to your unique symptoms. Many people who are depressed or anxious actually carry themselves differently, putting strain on their abdominal muscles and tightening of the shoulders and neck. Expect to experience relief for tense muscles and from stress – and perhaps even better breathing, which will help your energy levels. What is really beautiful about massage therapy is that there is a connection between the physical body and the mind, which helps your whole body feel better. While massage alone may not be a cure for depression or anxiety, it just might be the boost to your body and mind that lets you improve and work through things to wellness.

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