Massage Traverse City, MI – After Exercise

Massage Traverse City MIDread feeling sore and stiff after an intense workout? Visiting DISCOVER Massage Traverse City MI right after exercise can help.

Most people associate massage with relief from muscle pain. But recent research seems to indicate the benefits are more than just reducing symptoms after you start to experience pain and discomfort. It appears that massage can prevent the intensity of sore muscles or stiff joints altogether. The highly trained massage specialists at DISCOVER Massage Traverse City MI specialize in therapeutic, sports, deep tissue and medical massage to prevent and treat pain after exercise.

A study of the effects of post-exercise massage by researchers at Ohio State University was recently published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Some test subjects received 15-minute massage treatments immediately after exercise. Others received the same treatment 48 hours later and a control group had no massage treatment. The results showed that in a very short time the muscles that were immediately massaged demonstrated a 60% recovery of strength compared to 30% for the delayed massage and 14% for no massage.

Researchers also noted that the subjects that received immediate massage exhibited less damage to muscle fibers, limped less and had higher white blood cell counts.

We also came across another research study, there was a 2012 study about massage after exercise by a researcher at Canada’s McMaster University also indicating that massage right after a workout is beneficial.

In the study, 11 young and healthy men endured a rigorous workout. Muscle biopsies were taken from both legs of each male participant before and after the exercise. Another set of biopsies were taken after massaging just one leg for each man.

The results of the study showed that brief massage right after strenuous exercise decreased inflammation and improved the production of mitochondria, which is linked to endurance.

In other words, massage after exercise doesn’t just feel good it actually helps muscles recover, strengthening your body and improving your overall health and immunity. Although all massage is helpful, regular massage therapy by an experienced massage specialist is most effective. You may want to schedule a regular massage to immediately follow your most intense workout regimen and make a special appointment to follow any competitions.

Book a massage in Traverse City, MI after you exercise or workout for a quick recovery without sore muscles. Call the certified and licensed massage specialists at DISCOVER Massage Traverse City MI at 231-922-8100, they provide all natural massage therapy and offer medical, sports and deep tissue massage.