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Therapeutic massage can help alleviate pain from chronic conditions and improve recovery from injury, but regularly scheduled massage offers the most benefits. For example; you wouldn’t eat healthy food only once in a while to obtain optimal benefits. Similarly your body benefits most from a regularly scheduled whole-body health plan. DISCOVER Massage Traverse City, MI all-natural massage center has a team of experienced therapists specially trained in therapeutic massage and able to create a customized massage schedule around your busy life.

The concept of regular therapeutic massage therapy may be a different way of thinking for many Americans, who tend to think of massage as either a treat or something to book when they need to alleviate particular symptoms. Although these are effective as well, they cannot achieve the same long-term benefits as regular massage therapy does. DISCOVER Massage Traverse City, MI therapists explain:

Preventative Maintenance

Occasional exercise, five times a year will not provide the same benefits as a regimen including exercise five times a week. Similarly, three massages a year will not provide the same benefits as a monthly, or bi-monthly massage schedule. To achieve optimal overall wellbeing you need to receive regular therapeutic massage therapy.

Seeing a certified or licensed massage specialist regularly will protect and improve your overall wellbeing. Some benefits included, reducing muscle tension, relaxation and relief from pain or discomfort. Scientific studies have proven that having healing massage regularly serves to prevent illness and conditions or minimize the effects of acute and chronic diseases.

Here are some things therapeutic massage improves:

  • Mobility of joints and connective tissues
  • Circulation
  • Reduced pain or discomfort
  • Immunity function
  • Drainage of the lymphatic system
  • Mood and feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Blood pressure

The best thing about massage is that it works no matter what your age or health condition. Therapeutic touch helps everyone from babies suffering from colic or athletes who have been injured to pregnant women and seniors. DISCOVER Massage Traverse City therapists are highly experienced and specialized in determining precisely what massage techniques would be most beneficial to you.

There is significant evidence that shows having regular therapeutic massage can help in a variety of ways. It assists with managing anxiety and depression without medication as well as chronic conditions such as repetitive strain injury, hypertension (high blood pressure), Fibromyalgia and gastrointestinal or digestive disorders. Massage can help manage headaches, migraines, insomnia and arthritis just as effectively as it improves recovery from injuries or surgery.

Considering regular therapeutic massage in Traverse City, MI? Contact the massage specialists at DISCOVER Massage Traverse City, MI conveniently located on South Airport Rd across from the Grand Traverse Mall.  We are the only all-natural massage center in Traverse City, featuring our own line of therapeutic grade aromatherapy and essential oils. We will tailor massage to your unique needs with a focus on your overall health and wellness. Please call us at 231-922-8100 to book an appointment.