Traverse City Clinical Massage

Clinical massage also called medical massage is a condition specific massage that is part of a therapy plan performed by a certified massage therapist to treat a medical condition by working to alleviate pain and dysfunction.

Where can you receive a clinical/medical massage?

Clinical massage is typically preformed in a professional massage center, doctor’s office, physical therapy office or hospital by an experienced therapist that has received specialized training in different types of deep tissue or clinical/medical massage techniques. DISCOVER Massage Specialists of Traverse City specializes in medical massage.

What type of training does a massage therapist performing clinical massage have?

The state of Michigan does not yet require massage therapists to be licensed, although DISCOVER Massage Specialist requires that all of its therapists attend an accredited school which requires 500-600 hours of training and education. There are no additional requirements in the state of Michigan for a massage therapist to perform medical massage although many massage therapists wishing to specialize in clinical massage elect to receive additional training in orthopedic massage, medical terminology, and pharmacology. At DISCOVER Massage Specialists of Traverse City Michigan their massage therapy specialists are committed to their education and staying up to date on the latest techniques and treatment options available therefore they require all of their massage therapists to attend continuing education every year.

How is clinical/medical massage different from relaxation massage?

Both relaxation massage and clinical/medical massage have health benefits like reducing stress and improving circulation but there are some differences. Relaxation massage is used to soothe and relax the whole body, whereas clinical/medical massage may be used to address specific muscular impairment.

There are no specific rules about the techniques that may be utilized in a Traverse City medical massage but some frequently used are deep tissue, cross fiber friction, neuromuscular, myofacial release, and muscle energy techniques.

Clinical/Medical massage may also be used to reduce inflammation, increase flexibility and range of motion, reduce stress, improve posture and decrease pain. It can be very beneficial for patients suffering from disease or injury. It is also a cost effective and natural therapy making it a desirable treatment option for a wide array of patients.

Do you need a referral from a doctor to receive a clinical/medical massage?

You do not need a referral from a doctor to receive a clinical/medical massage. Although, if you are currently being treated by a doctor for a specific physical injury or disease, you should consult them before receiving any massage services.

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