Pregnancy Massage Traverse City

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life but it can also be a time that is very hard on a woman’s body. That is why many pregnant women in Traverse City decide to have massages. Here’s some helpful information for those pregnant women who live in Traverse City and are unfamiliar with pregnancy massages.


Massage can be beneficial to a woman throughout the whole length of pregnancy. However, for women who are thought to be high risk, it is a good idea to consult with an obstetrician or midwife before having one. In high-risk situations, the therapist might require a medical release before they will do the therapy.


Massage during pregnancy may include a relaxing Swedish massage that employs reflexology massage, cranial sacral or circulatory work. The majority of therapists do other modalities along with different kinds of massages. Every massage should be specifically tailored to the client; this is especially true for a pre-natal or post-natal massage. A quality pre-natal or post-natal massage is dependent on open communication between the client and therapist concerning any discomfort, sensitivity or challenges the woman has been experiencing so that the massage can address each issue providing the most benefit to the client.

Special Training

For women who live in Traverse City, it’s a good idea to look for therapists who have pre-natal and post-natal massage experience, because it’s essential for the therapist to understand what is safe for an expectant mother and the baby. For example, the way that a woman should be positioned changes in different stages of pregnancy. A pregnant woman 22 weeks along or more shouldn’t be on her back. This is because there are blood vessels that the baby’s weight can restrict. This will cause a decrease in circulation for mother and baby. There are also certain oils that should not be used as well as areas that shouldn’t be massaged on a pregnant woman, and specific techniques that should be used to make an expectant mother comfortable during her massage.

What to Expect During Your Pre-Natal Massage

Typical sessions last a minimum of an hour and can go as long as 90 minutes. You will be supported with pillows while lying comfortably on your side. A sheet will drape over you, leaving only the body section being massaged exposed. Your massage room will be kept quiet or with soft music playing depending on your preference, and the room will be kept at a comfortable temperature. It’s a good idea to avoid eating a big meal right before your massage.

Benefits an Expectant Mother Might Experience

  • Reduction in swelling in feet, ankles, and hands.
  • Reduction in sciatic pain
  • Reduction in muscle discomfort in legs, lower neck and back
  • Reduced muscle tension, especially in the shoulders and lower back
  • Increased flexibility
  • Greater relaxation
  • Better sleep at night
  • Help with relieving depression and anxiety
  • Strengthening of her immune system

For pregnant women in Traverse City, it’s easy to see that having a massage during pregnancy is a good idea. Many women have found that this kind of therapy has exceptional benefits. DISCOVER the difference pre-natal massage can make at DISCOVER Massage Specialists in Traverse City, a great place to go!

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