Traverse City Sports Massage

The “sports massage” was originally created to help athletes prepare for big events, endure intense training without injury and recover after a grueling contest. A sports massage is tailored to the unique individual and focuses on particular connective tissues to help them heal and perform at optimal levels. Several different techniques can be implemented in a sports massage including some Swedish massage to help with overall relaxation, trigger point work to relieve muscle knots and deep tissue massage to treat specific muscular-skeletal issues. Unlike a full-body Swedish massage, a sports massage is focused on a specific problem area and uses quicker strokes. Instead of focusing primarily on relaxation the goal is to loosen tight muscles, increase flexibility, prevent and treat injury.

Athletes who received sports massages after strenuous exercise have reported that they felt less fatigue and recovered faster after the sports massage. Olympic athletes rely on the beneficial effects of sports massage but you don’t have to be an “athlete” to enjoy the benefits. Anyone who’s active can benefit from a sports massage to increase performance, alleviate tight muscles, reduce pain, increased blood flow, increased flexibility, speed healing and recovery and a sense of overall relaxation and well-being.

Traverse City offers so many opportunities to be active don’t let injury or tight muscles slow you down. Whether you just finished the Traverse City Bay Shore Marathon, training for the Ice Man bike race, an avid swimmer, mall walker or gardener you will benefit from the healing properties of a sports massage aimed at helping sore joints, achy muscles and tight ligaments. A Traverse City sports massage can be a great incentive to train hard for an upcoming athletic event. Or if your muscles are already achy from all of the spring cleanup projects you have tackled a sports massage is a great solution for eliminating pain and helping you feel your best again.

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