Traverse City Massage: Why Massage is Good for Your Skin

Often when people think of the benefits of massage they think relief for sore muscles and relaxation, but massage is also very good for your skin. After a massage you feel better, endorphins released and tension lifted. But your skin also feels better for several reasons.


Massage, both therapeutic and relaxation, improves circulation throughout the body tissues. Stress contracts muscles, which not only creates muscle tension but impacts blood flow throughout the body. When massage stretches and relaxes the various muscle groups, the benefits include the release of tensions and toxins. Improved circulation and the release of toxins are important factors to healthy skin. As the largest organ in the human body, your skin needs to be nourished. The better your circulation, the more efficiently nutrients are delivered, the healthier your skin. That healthy glow you feel post-massage is the direct result of improved circulation.

Skin Health

Studies show that massage encourages the release of red blood cells from bone marrow. This is important to health because the red blood cells carry oxygen, giving you energy. Additionally, massage helps with the lymphatic system, important to the removal of toxins from the body, and stimulates the production of lymphocytes, which are important to our immunity. Improved immunity helps keep skin healthy and is important in reducing the negative effects of autoimmune skin conditions such as Roseacea and Eczema. Healthy skin is more robust, minimizing how noticeable wrinkles are.

Often skin health and appearance is impacted by hormonal imbalances and fluctuations. Relaxation and massage are important natural ways to balance the body’s way of releasing hormones. Studies show that massage can reduce the negative effects of adrenaline (the body’s hormone released in times of stress), as well as increase the production of endorphins and oxytocin, which help us feel better. Counteracting hormonal imbalances and the effects of stress can greatly improve skin conditions such as acne.

Other Ways Massage Benefits Your Skin

Massage exfoliates your skin, naturally removing dead skin cells and keeping your skin healthier by preventing the build-up of oil, dirt and acne-causing bacteria. Exfoliation helps to resolve many skin problems, promote the health of new skin tissue and even lessen the effects of scarring and cellulite.

Natural, organic aromatherapy with pure essential oils also promotes healing and relaxation, helping to improve your skin. The carrier oil, full of natural nutrients, is an excellent moisturizer that further nourishes your skin. The moisturizing effect of combined aromatherapy and carrier oils rejuvenate, improving elasticity and appearance.

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