Medically Trained Massage Therapist’s Benefits

These days, massages have developed a reputation for being an expensive treat that wealthy people use to relieve their stress. Though relaxing massages are available at upscale spas around the world, massage therapy is quickly taking hold in other facets of American culture. This is due, in large part, to the known benefits of Medically trained Massage Therapy.

What is Medically trained Massage Therapy?

Medical massage therapy is the term used to describe methodic means of pressing, stroking, and rubbing the human body that is performed with the intention of alleviating mental, physical, or emotional distress. Medical massage therapy is a form of alternative, or complementary, medicine. Though the benefits of massage therapy are well documented, it is not meant to be a replacement for physician visits.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has many benefits that span from physical to emotional. On the physical end of things, massage therapy can improve a patient’s circulation, immune system function, respiration, and lymphatic system. It can also alleviate many physical ailments, including muscle strains, digestive problems, and even chronic illnesses such as asthma and arthritis.

Massage therapy promotes relaxation. It can reduce the effects of insomnia, reduce fatigue, and can boost a patient’s energy levels. Massage therapy can also provide relief for many mental and emotional issues, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Patients who receive regular therapeutic massages report a more positive outlook and a happier disposition.

Importance of Medically Trained Certified Massage Therapists

Receiving massage therapy treatments from a certified massage therapist is of utmost importance. Medical massage training is intensive. It not only covers the physical aspects of massage, such as massage techniques and applications, it also covers the pathology of the human body. It is this pathology that must be considered when using massage therapy in order to treat patients’ physical or mental ailments.

Massage therapy students also learn about the application of massage. They learn the ways in which massage therapy can be applied in order to improve musculo-skeletal conditions, alleviate swelling, pain, and discomfort, and improve a patient’s flexibility and range of motion.

Medically trained massageWhen you’re ready to give medical massage therapy a try it’s important to seek out a licensed massage clinic. Ensure that all of the therapists who are treating you are certified massage therapists. You can than schedule an appointment to begin experiencing the benefits of medical massage.

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