Traverse City Massage | Massage Reduces Cortisol

traverse city massage - natural massageScientific research shows that regular massage actually reduces the production of cortisol. This is a great incentive for booking your next Traverse City massage. While going to a Traverse City massage clinic feels like an indulgence, it is truly an important way to reduce cortisol, therefore fighting the effects of stress on your body which equates to real differences in the way you feel, like lower stress, less pain, slower heart rate, fewer migraines and more.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands and serves a variety of important functions. It helps the human body metabolize (or process) glucose, regulate blood pressure, release insulin to deal with sugar effectively and stimulate the immune system.

The reason stress can wreak havoc on cortisol production is because the human body actually produces more cortisol when in very stressful situations. It is often referred to as the “stress hormone” for this reason.

When Does it Become a Problem?

Like all hormones, cortisol serves an important role. When you are under significant stress, cortisol can provide you with a burst of energy, sharper memory, better immunity and more pain tolerance. Obviously this is very valuable in situations where you need to protect yourself or even fight for survival.

What seems to be happening in fast-paced lives and stressful day-to-day living is that people experience heightened feelings of stress for prolonged periods of time – regularly. The relaxation responses, such as people experience during massage when the “feel-good” hormone oxytocin is released, are not active to the same degree. This imbalance means that for many people that flight-or-fight feeling doesn’t revert to normal. Living in a state of chronic stress is not good for anybody. Regular massage helps to correct this imbalance. Scheduling your Traverse City massage at DISCOVER Massage is actually the easiest and most enjoyable step you can take towards improving your health.

Negative Effects of Cortisol

When the cortisol levels are elevated for prolonged periods of time there are many negative results. People who live in a state of chronic stress may struggle to focus, suffer suppressed thyroid function and find they have lower immunity. Additionally, their bodies have trouble processing sugar properly, accumulate excess fat deposits in the stomach area and experience slower healing of wounds. Other negative side effects include decreased bone density and muscle tissue.

How Massage Helps

Massage is more than just soothing sore muscles; it is the antidote to stress. After the body has experienced the effects of heightened levels of cortisol for a prolonged period, therapeutic touch will stimulate the hormones that counteract the reaction to stressful situations. Relaxing the body and mind rejuvenates the spirit and helps return cortisol levels to normal.

If you live in Northern MI, head to the all natural Traverse City massage clinic, Discover Massage. You can call 231-922-8100 to set up a schedule to receive regular massage to help you manage stress. Their fully certified and accredited massage specialists use an organic, all-natural line of massage products that have never been tested on animals and are made from sustainable sources.